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No 29.Ortophotogrammetry 3D with a Drone DJI F550 Hexa & Ground Station. Dronica & AeroVisionCam

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We want to introduce the importance of DJI Drones since with their accesories such as Ground Station and iOSD mini we can have data from the height, speed, status of LiPo batteries etc. All of that is super easy than even a smart child can do it, but of course always under adult supervision. We are here in a Drain Dam in Hermosillo Sonora México and we will make an Ortophotogrammetry using a DJI F 550 Hexacopter and Ground Station. Hope you enjoy this video. Greetings from México. Thanks

Realización de imágenes en 3D Ortofotogrametría por medio de un Drone Hexacóptero DJI F 550 con vuelo en GPS programado y controlado con computadora (sin control remoto manual).

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