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Eruption from AR12371 with Earthward CME and M flare

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Geomagnetic activity continues to calm but there is more to come. Even as activity was picking up at Earth, region AR12371 erupted with another flare and CME. GOES registered X-rays reaching the M6.5 solar flare level at the peak time of 18:23 UT (2:23 pm EDT). This eruption produced a wave over the solar surface and a decrease in brightness around the region (called a dimming.) These are tell-tale signs of a CME. Here is the eruption observed by SDO in the 171 and 193 angstrom wavelengths of extreme-ultraviolet light. This shows us temperatures around 600,000 K and 1 million K respectively. The CME is expected to reach Earth around 18:18 UT (2:18 pm EDT) on 6/24. credit: NASA/SDO

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